Company Principles

We understand how essential your personal details are and take the security of your information seriously. We make sure any data-containing devices we get are either wiped tidy utilizing Department of Defense requirements or physically ruined on-site.

We take practically whatever electronic with an extremely list of products we can decline: significant home appliances, a/c unit, dehumidifiers, vacuums, microwave, smoke alarm, fluorescent light bulbs, alkaline batteries, photocopiers, and bottled liquids. We are likewise unable to recycle big quantities of plastic (like VCR tapes and floppies).

Your financial contributions are a crucial part of our efforts to approve reconditioned computer systems and other innovation to nonprofits, schools, and neighborhood modification organs. Did you understand it takes about $70 to train volunteers to safely clean, recondition and process a typical laptop computer? Your contributions make the distinction for a lot of people!